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Are you tired of searching for homes, using those 3rd party apps, just to find something you love, sending it to your Realtor and be told, “I’m sorry, that home is no longer available”?

Well cry no more…the Homesnap App is here!  Given to me, exclusively from my local MLS, this app is directly connected to the MLS feed, think of it as the “bible” of home listings, so you get the most up to date listings & information.  You can search directly in the app, using a broad search, or taking advantage of the many filters to search more specifically.  The other cool thing about this app, is that if you are out, looking at neighborhoods and find a listing that doesn’t have an info box, you can “snap” a photo of the home and the Homesnap App should be able to bring that home up!  You’ll need to enable your GPS or location services for this feature to work properly.  Are you ready to get this great app?

Download for iPhone/iPad HERE

Download for Android HERE

If you have any trouble, let me know…also, once you get in the app, search for me and let’s connect!

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